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At Highland Pharmacy we understand that each patient presents unique and individualized health concerns with specific needs. Pharmacy compounding helps address these needs through customization of medication. Through the science of compounding we are able to fulfill a need of a patient that commercialized medication sometimes cannot. We will work with you and your physician to come up with therapy that best suits your individual requirements. Please see below for all of the sub specialties in which pharmacy compounding can be of great help.

Please see below for all of the sub specialities in which compounding pharmacy can be of great help.

Compounding Pharmacy

Anti-Aging/Cosmeceutical Pharmacy Compounding

Anti-Aging / Cosmeceutical

The older we get the wiser and more mature we get, unfortunately we all see a physical decline and in most cases the unsatisfactory signs of aging....

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Bio-Identical hormon replacement therapy (men and women) Pharmacy  Compounding

Bio-Identical hormon replacement therapy compounding

The role of hormones in the Human body are paramount. They affect everything from your mood and metabolism to sexual function and reproduction...

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Pain management/sports medicine compounding

Pain management/sports medicine compounding

There are various types of pain that people experience including chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, arthritis pain and more...

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Cold sore treatment Michigan,

Cold sore treatment

Our unique formulation is not commercially available, comes in inconspicuous packaging resembling chap-stick and can even be flavored just like lip balm...

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Sore nipples treatment Michigan,

Sore nipple treatment

Our unique formulation to treat sore nipple is not commercially available, is safe to use and cost effective...

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Hospice and long term care Pharmacy compounding

Hospice and long term care compounding

Highland Pharmacy can help patients going through the end stages of life with specialty pharmaceutical compounding...

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Veterinary Pharmacy compounding

Veterinary compounding

For loving pet owners obtaining the highest quality of health care is extremely important and the commercially available medication for pets...

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Dental Pharmacy compounding

Dental compounding

In many instances a trip to the dentist can be worrisome and bring forth anxiety. Through the use of Pharmaceutical compounding we can assist in making this process a little easier...

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